Maryland Health Connection offers many resources about health coverage in Maryland to help you learn more about which plans are best for you, your family or small business. We know there is no one-size-fits-all health plan, and we hope these resources can help answer your questions and empower you to make the right decisions.

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We have many helpful resources about health coverage in Maryland available for you.

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Prepare for Enrollment

The resources on this page will help you navigate applying for health coverage through Maryland Health Connection. You will find information on plans, rates, consumer assistance and events in your local area. Please check back from time to time for updates. View More »

Participating Insurance Companies

Learn about the health insurance companies that are providing medical and dental coverage through Maryland Health Connection. Here you will find each company’s license and whether their plans are offered statewide or to Marylanders in specific counties or zip codes. View More »

Helpful Links

Here are some useful links for you to find out more about health insurance basics and about the many options you have available to you:

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View our educational and tutorial videos about the importance of health coverage and how to access quality, affordable coverage through Maryland Health Connection.

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Outreach and Education Materials

We want to make sure everyone understands all the changes that are taking place through health care reform and Maryland Health Connection. We have assembled a series of free resources for health insurance education, including: outreach toolkits, education materials and videos to help you learn about enrollment, health insurance and outreach. Help inform other Marylanders about Maryland Health Connection! View More »

Application Forms

Fill out these applications and appendices to apply for health coverage and help paying costs through Maryland Health Connection if you are unable to access and fill out an online application.
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Consumer Tips & Education

fact_sheetsOur fact sheets will guide you through health coverage basics and ways you can easily shop for the right health plan for you. View More »


Advertising_CampaignIf you haven’t seen our latest outreach and Maryland Health Connection advertising campaign, here’s an up close look at how we’re getting the word out across the state. View More »