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How It Works

How it works

We help you compare health insurance plans and shop confidently for quality health coverage that meets the needs – and budget – of you and your family. 

You can shop with confidence

Shop_with_confidenceYou can be confident knowing that all insurance plans offered at Maryland Health Connection have been approved by the State of Maryland and must cover the same core set of benefits called Essential Health Benefits. No plan can turn you away or charge you more because you are sick or have a medical condition.

Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum – Which health insurance plan is right for you?

health_insurance_plans_for_youThe different health insurance plans offered at Maryland Health Connection are grouped as bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Each level tells you how much of your medical expense (in percentage) a plan will cover. Groupings help you compare plans within each level, based on similar covered benefits and costs.

This chart gives you a good idea about metal levels:

Plan Level
Insurance Company Pays
You Pay

60% of health care costs

40% of health care costs


70% of health care costs

30% of health care costs


80% of health care costs

20% of health care costs


90% of health care costs

10% of health care costs

You are just 4 easy steps away from quality health coverage

Explore this website. Start shopping right away or explore the site to learn about Maryland Health Connection before you begin. Consumer assistance is available by phone or in person. Next, you will begin an application.


When you are ready to begin, select "Get Started." You will create an account and a secure user ID will be emailed to you.


Answer a few questions about your income and family size so we can quickly show you if you qualify for reduced-cost coverage, or for Medicaid or other insurance programs.


Shop for a plan. You can compare plans based on what’s important to you—price, benefits, or other features—before you make a choice.

What if you already have Medicaid?

If you or your children are currently enrolled in Medicaid, you do not need to do anything now.

You will be contacted when it is time to renew your coverage. In 2014, you will be able to renew your Medicaid coverage online at this website. You will also be able to get free help through our Consumer Assistance Program by phone or in person through a designated organization in your local area.