ALERT: Don’t fall for health insurance phone scams

scam alert

We have received an alert that a “health care enrollment center” is calling Maryland residents, offering to enroll consumers into affordable health plans. This is a SCAM. The message speaks about $199 plans and enrollment with no qualifying life event, outside of open enrollment. It begins as a robo-call and then transfers to a “live enrollment agent.” If you receive a call from someone in the health insurance industry, check to make sure they are representing Maryland Health Connection and ask what they know about you. Do not give out personal information unless you are acquainted with the broker, navigator, or representative contacting you. Please inform family and friends about this scam.

health insurance phone spam
Example of the health insurance phone scam

Here’s real information about health plans and open enrollment.

Open enrollment for private, qualified health plans is Nov. 1-Dec. 15, 2018, for coverage beginning Jan. 1, 2019. You can sign up through MarylandHealthConnection.gov or get free, in-person help from one of our trained experts. If you are eligible for Medicaid, you may sign up any time. If you’ve recently had a qualifying life event such as having a baby, getting married or losing other health coverage, you can sign up within 60 days of that event.