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What if I don’t know what my income will be next year?

When you apply for financial assistance through Maryland Health Connection, you will be asked to estimate your expected income for the upcoming year. Often a good place to start is to consider what your income is this year, or what income you reported on your tax return last year. However, …

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What income should I include?

When you apply for financial help with health coverage through Maryland Health Connection, you’ll need to estimate your income for the year you want health coverage to see if you qualify for lower costs. It is important to enter your household income information correctly to make sure you’re receiving the …

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How will I receive the tax credit?

Your tax credits will be paid monthly, directly to the health insurance company that you enrolled with through Maryland Health Connection. You may also choose to receive them at the end of the year through your annual tax filing. During the year, it’s important to report changes in your income …

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Do I qualify for tax credits to help pay my health insurance premiums?

Yes, if you meet the following criteria: You are not eligible for qualifying health coverage, such as affordable employer-sponsored coverage, or a government program, such as Medicaid. You are a Maryland resident and a citizen or lawful resident of the United States, and not incarcerated (other than pending final disposition …

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Do I qualify for Medicaid?

Whether you qualify will depend on your income level and family size. In general, single Maryland residents without children with household incomes less than $15,363 are eligible. If you’re pregnant or have a family with children, you may earn more and still qualify. Maryland residents above these income levels may …

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Who is included in my “household” when I complete a Maryland Health Connection application?

Generally, your household includes the people you put on your tax form: you, your spouse, and any children or relatives you financially support. For adults who need coverage: Include these people even if they aren't applying for health coverage themselves: Any spouse Any son or daughter under age 21 they …

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