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If I am self-employed, can I purchase health coverage through the SHOP?

If you do not have at least one employee, you are not eligible for the SHOP. However, you may qualify for a health plan and financial help through Maryland Health Connection, the health insurance marketplace for individuals and families.

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What if my employee already purchased a qualified health plan through Maryland Health Connection?

If the employee elects to keep individual coverage through Maryland Health Connection, he may do so. However, if their employer's plan is considered "affordable" (I.e. their employee contribution toward the employer-sponsored health plan for single coverage is less than 9.69% of income) and the employer offers a plan that meets …

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When would coverage take effect if my business participated in the SHOP?

Your group's effective date will depend on how quickly you move through the process of selecting the plans that you make available to employees, how long the employees have to select their coverage, and how quickly you make your first payment to your selected insurance company.

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How is SHOP employer eligibility determined?

To be eligible to participate in the SHOP Marketplace, you must: Have a principal business address within Maryland, or you can offer coverage to each eligible employee through the SHOP Marketplace serving that employee's primary worksite. Have at least one common-law employee on payroll (not including a business owner or …

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How can I get help learning about Maryland Health Connection's SHOP and enrolling?

For information on the SHOP, visit MarylandHealthConnection.gov/SHOP/ Select and use a SHOP-authorized broker. To see a list of authorized producers, click here (PDF). Contact Maryland Health Connection's SHOP Administrator: Phone: (410) 547-8153 Email: MHBE.SHOP@maryland.gov

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