Can I get dental coverage through Maryland Health Connection?

Yes: Open enrollment for dental plans is November 1 to December 15. Coverage starts on January 1.

You can choose either from a dental-only plan or a dental plan in addition to your health plan. Maryland Health Connection offers child-only and family dental plans.

All of our qualified health plans cover dental services for children. In fact, preventive dental services for children – such as checkups – are free of all cost-sharing. In addition, we currently offer stand-alone dental plans for children who are not enrolled in a health plan through Maryland Health Connection.

If you’re enrolling in Medicaid, your MCO may offer limited adult dental services (PDF). For pregnant adults and children younger than 21, dental care, including exams, cleanings, fillings, and braces if medically necessary are covered through the Healthy Smiles Dental Program (1-855-934-9812).

Please note that dental benefits are not protected by the out-of-pocket maximum established by the Affordable Care Act. Also, any advance premium tax credits that a person receives through Maryland Health Connection cannot be used to help pay for the costs of standalone dental plans.

Note that the Affordable Care Act treats dental coverage differently for children versus adults. For children, dental coverage is an “essential health benefit,” which means it must be made available to you and is included in Maryland as part of a medical plan. Insurers do not have to offer adult dental coverage.