Disponible en inglés: Can an individual who qualifies for Medicare but is not currently enrolled in Medicare still enroll through Maryland Health Connection?

Disponible en inglés: Yes; however, an individual is not eligible for a financial assistance program through Maryland Health Connection if they are eligible to enroll in Medicare Part A at no cost because they are considered to have “minimum essential coverage.” These individuals may only enroll in a Qualified Health Plan without financial assistance. Medicare is likely the best coverage option for individuals in this situation.

When an individual becomes eligible for premium-free Medicare or enrolled in Medicare either at no cost or with a cost, they lose their eligibility for Marketplace subsidies after a brief transition period.

There are exceptions that allow certain individuals who are eligible for Medicare at no cost to apply for coverage through Maryland Health Connection, including:

  • Active Medicare enrollees who qualify as a parent/Caretaker Relative (CTR) (regardless of their age) may also qualify for Medicaid benefits
  • Active recipients of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits who qualify for Medicare but are in the 24-month waiting period
    • Everyone eligible for SSDI benefits is also eligible for Medicare after a 24-month qualifying period. Individuals in this waiting period may use Maryland Health Connection to apply for Qualified Health Plan and Medicaid coverage
  • Individuals under 65 who qualify for Medicare because of their disability status may choose to enroll in Medicaid or a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) with financial assistance instead if they’re otherwise eligible to enroll because of their income and other qualifications.
    • An individual eligible for Social Security Income is automatically eligible for Medicaid based solely on their low-income status, if he or she is under age 65.