How do I use my QSEHRA and APTC together?

You should use your QSEHRA to help pay for your health coverage during the year. If MHC finds you or your family eligible for APTC, you should use less of your APTC when you’re asked by MHC how much you want to use. Reduce your APTC by the amount of QSEHRA your employer offers. For example: if your APTC is $450 and your employer offers a QSEHRA of $250, you should use no more than $200 in APTC ($450-$250=$200). If your APTC is $250 and your employer offers QSEHRA of $250, you should not use any of your APTC ($250-$250 = 0.)

Your MHC application will ask how much APTC you want to use each month. So if your employer’s notice tells you a monthly amount, you can subtract that amount from the monthly tax credit MHC offers you. If your employer’s notice gives a QSEHRA amount for the year, remember to divide the QSEHRA amount by the number of months you’ll be covered (most people will use 12 months).

If you use less APTC than you're eligible for, you can still claim the APTC amount you didn’t use when you file your federal tax return.