Disponible en inglés: What are the income limits to qualify for financial help on coverage offered through Maryland Health Connection?

Disponible en inglés: Depending on your income and household size, you may qualify for different types of financial help.

If your income is below a certain level – for example, less than $16,643 for a single person or less than $33,948 for a family of four – you may qualify for Medicaid.

If you have an income of up to $47,520 a year as a single person, you may qualify for tax credits to help cover your monthly health insurance payments. Families may also be eligible, depending on income and size. For example, a family of four earning up to $97,200 a year might qualify. Tax credits are applied toward your monthly health insurance premiums.

In addition to your income, your age and ZIP code also may affect how much financial help you could qualify for.