My income is uneven during the year. Some months I earn very little, other months are much better. I think my annual income will be low enough to qualify for subsidies next year, but I’m not sure. What if I’m wrong?

It’s common for income to fluctuate, particularly if you are self-employed, perform seasonal work or have multiple jobs. To achieve the best result for financial assistance, you should report income changes to Maryland Health Connection during the year, as they happen.

Reporting income changes as they happen will help ensure that your actual annual income is close to your estimated income. If you claim a premium tax credit during the year and your actual annual income edges over 400% FPL (for an individual, $47,080; for a family of four, $97,000 in 2015), you will need to pay back the full credit amount. To avoid this result, if you estimate your income will be close to 400% FPL, you could also consider waiting until you file your taxes to take all or a portion of the premium tax credit on your tax return instead of receiving advance payments.