I’m eligible for Medicaid, MCHP, or MCHP Premium through Maryland Health Connection. What happens next?

1. You’ll be mailed a red and white medical assistance card. Do not throw away this card.

2. You’ll choose a managed care organization (MCO) to provide your care, once your application is complete and verifiedLearn more about choosing an MCO.

3. You will renew your Medicaid or MCHP coverage once a year, or it may be automatically renewed. You’ll be contacted when it is time to renew.

If your child is enrolled in MCHP Premium and you have questions about submitting the monthly payment, please contact the MCHP Premium Case Management Unit at 410-767-6883 (toll-free: 1-866-269-5576).

You may make an MCHP Premium payment online at http://dhmh.maryland.gov/payments.