I’ve just enrolled in a qualified health plan through Maryland Health Connection. What happens next?

Now that you’ve enrolled, you’ll be receiving some additional materials from Maryland Health Connection and your new insurance company. Please note that these materials may vary depending on the plan you chose.

Information From Your Insurance Company
Your health insurance company will send you information by mail or email about your insurance plan and how to pay your monthly bill (premium). Payments should be made directly to the insurance company.

First Bill
You will receive a bill and payment instructions from your insurance company. See our payment guide with instructions from your insurance company. Pay your bill by the first of the month if you can. It is important to pay your first bill immediately.

Member ID Card
Your insurance company will mail you a member ID card after you pay your bill. You can use health services once the bill is paid, even if you haven’t received a card.

Find a Doctor in Your Plan
You will pay the lowest costs for services when you see an “in-network” doctor. To find a doctor who accepts your plan: