Is a Social Security number required for everyone listed on an application?

Maryland Health Connection asks for Social Security numbers for everyone listed on the application; however, providing one is required only for (1) an adult or child who has an SSN and is applying for coverage or (2) a non-applicant who has filed taxes for the household within the last two years and wants help paying for coverage for the applicant(s). (Nonapplicants include people who are only applying on behalf of someone else, but not for themselves, such as a parent applying for a child.)

Providing an SSN for other people who are not applying for coverage is optional; however, doing so will enable Maryland Health Connection to electronically verify household income and other information that is needed to determine eligibility.

If someone has an SSN, but does not provide it or enters it incorrectly, he/she may need to submit documentation to support any important information in the application that Maryland Health Connection was unable to verify.