How do I upload a requested verification document to the website?

If your account’s “My Inbox” indicates you need to provide verification of your information (such as income, identity or citizenship), you will see a link to submit your document by uploading it to your account.

You can log into your MarylandHealthConnection.gov account from your desktop, or download our free mobile app (Enroll MHC) to submit documents using the camera of your mobile device.

The system will only allow you to upload one verification document per additional verification item. Before uploading a verification document, follow these steps:

  • If several sources of verification information are required for one verification item, scan all of them and combine them into a single Word document. For example, if you must submit documentation about your income and you have paystubs from multiple jobs, you should combine all of your income documents into one file and submit them as a single file.
  • Save the document as a .pdf or .bmp
  • Ensure that the document size is 2 MB or less

If you are having issues combining your information into a single verification document, mail the documents to Maryland Health Connection, P.O. Box 857 Lanham, MD 20703.