What documents can I use to verify incarceration status?

When you apply through Maryland Health Connection, you may be requested to provide documentation to verify information you provided in your application.

Other verification documents may be accepted if you do not have the specific type listed here:

  • Official release papers from the institution or Department of Corrections
  • Parole papers
  • Unexpired state ID, driver’s license, work ID, or passport
  • Paystubs
  • Federal, state, or local benefit letter
  • Clinic, doctor, or hospital records for services provided
  • Medical claim explanation of benefits provided
  • School record/schedule showing enrollment (i.e. for college students)
  • Bank or credit card statement showing transaction history (showing only the name of the individual in question; no joint accounts)
  • Military records
  • Cell phone bill (showing only the name of the individual in question)
  • Lease (must be an active lease where the individual is currently residing)
  • Signed notarized statement from the individual with alleged false incarceration inconsistency indicating they’re living in the community and includes their name, date of birth, and address
  • Written statement from someone within the community which states the name, date of birth, address, phone number, their relationship with the individual with alleged false incarceration inconsistency, and that the individual is present and participating within the community
  • Rent receipts (showing only the name of the individual with the false incarceration inconsistency)
  • A written explanation of circumstances as to why the applicant doesn’t have documentation
How do I provide my documents?
  1. Log into your online account at MarylandHealthConnection.gov and upload documents using the link in “My Inbox.” Get uploading tips here.
  2. Download our free mobile app (Enroll MHC) to submit documents using the camera of your mobile device (iOS or Android)
  3. If you are unable to submit documents online, you may mail them to Maryland Health Connection, P.O. Box 857, Lanham, MD 20703.