Failure to Authorize

If you chose not to allow Maryland Health Connection to use tax information to help renew your eligibility

Maryland Health Connection call center representatives can help with general questions about health insurance and taxes, and Forms 1095-A and 1095-B.

For specific tax-filing questions, please consult your tax return preparer or tax advisor. Many people also can get free help preparing their taxes.

When you apply for health coverage, you are asked whether Maryland Health Connection may use your tax return information to determine whether you qualify for financial help with your coverage in future years.

Maryland Health Connection uses data from a variety of sources, including your tax return, to determine whether you are eligible for financial help paying for health insurance each year. If you choose not to allow Maryland Health Connection to use this information, your financial help will not be automatically renewed each year, and you will need to reapply for financial help every year during the annual Open Enrollment period.

To allow Maryland Health Connection to use information from tax returns for future renewals and to receive an updated determination of financial help for this year:

  1. Log into your account and use the “Report a change” button.
  2. Check the box next to this statement at the end of the application on the signature page:
    I understand that Maryland Health Connection will use data from my tax return during the renewal process to determine yearly eligibility for help paying for health insurance for the next 5 years. I understand that if I check this box I can change my answer later, and if I don't check the box I can select less than 5 years.

    You do not need to make any other changes to your application in order to click this statement in your updated application.

If you do not submit an updated application through Maryland Health Connection and you were enrolled in coverage last year through Maryland Health Connection, your health coverage for this year will not include any financial help you may have received last year. It is important to update your information with Maryland Health Connection by December 15 in order to receive any financial assistance that your household is eligible for starting January 1.