Health coverage for opioid use disorder

opioid in maryland

Substance use disorder treatment, including opioid misuse treatment, is included in all qualified health plans through Maryland Health Connection. Make sure to use your health plan to get the help you need and take back your life. Use these guidelines to pick the best plan to help with treatment and recovery.

  1. Consider your costs BEFORE your health insurance begins to pay for medical care: look at your deductible, for example.
  2. Consider your costs AFTER your health insurance begins to pay for medical care: check what your out-of-pocket spending will be once your deductible is met.
  3. Look for the “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” document in your health insurance plan that shows specific costs, including after-deductible costs for common treatment services.
  4. Examine the cost of the most common substance use disorder treatment services that you may be responsible for after meeting your deductible, such as emergency room visits or inpatient care.
  5. Consider which doctors, hospitals and treatment centers accept your insurance.
  6. Pre-approval of services may be required. Check with your insurance company.

To view details about each of these steps, please click here. Check out the below videos from Frederick County Health Department about Marylanders who have gotten opioid use disorder treatment, and how they were able to stay clean.

Karl grew up in a small town in Frederick County. But struggling to be comfortable in his own skin soon led to big problems with prescription pills and heroin. After years of trying and failing to get sober on his own, Karl attempted suicide. Thankfully, he then found the help he needed.

Michelle grew up in a loving and athletic household in Maryland. In high school, a cheerleading injury introduced her to prescription opioids. By 25, she was taking narcotics daily. Eventually Michelle lost her career and family. She got her life back after completing a recovery program.

As laws are getting stricter regarding the prescription of opioid pills, more users will turn to less expensive, accessible options, such as heroin. Gov. Larry Hogan has declared a state of emergency in Maryland, and agencies across the region are working to combat the addiction numbers. For more information and resources on the opioid crisis Maryland, visit http://beforeitstoolate.maryland.gov.

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