How do I make the most out of my health plan?

essential health benefits for plansEssential health benefits

All plans offered on Maryland Health Connection, both private plans and Medicaid, cover Essential Health Benefits (EHBs). These benefits include hospitalizations, doctor visits, prescription drugs, maternity and newborn care. Other EHBs include emergency care, pediatric care including dental and vision benefits, and lab tests. All health insurance plans cover preventive and wellness care at no extra cost to you, including: flu and pneumonia shots, birth control, routine vaccinations and screenings for cancer, such as mammograms and colonoscopies.

You do not have to meet your plan's deductible before getting preventive health care. That means you can take care of your health now without having to pay any extra costs.

Did you know plans cover these additional services?

Behavioral and mental health services are covered by health plans. It’s important to know you can’t be denied coverage or charged more because you have a pre-existing condition, including mental and behavioral health conditions.

Preventive screenings are included, such depression screenings for adults and behavioral assessments for children.

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Other services plans cover include:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Habilitative services and devices (services and devices to help people with injuries, disabilities, or chronic conditions gain or recover mental and physical skills)
  • Chronic disease management
  • Breastfeeding support, counseling, and equipment for the duration of breastfeeding
  • See other preventive care benefits here

Now that you’re enrolled in a plan, your insurance company will or has already sent you a Summary of Plan Benefits that should be used as a reference to see what benefits are covered by your plan. You may contact the insurance carrier for clarification of the coverage provided by your plan if you need further guidance.

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