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What if I don't have a Social Security Number?

If you are exempt from having a Social Security Number (SSN), you can use this affidavit as a verification document to prove that you are exempt from having an SSN because you are not eligible to apply for an SSN or you qualify for another type of exemption from having …

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If I’m not eligible for Medicaid because I’m new to the United States, can I enroll in a qualified health plan (QHP) and get help paying premiums and/or cost-sharing reductions for health insurance?

Yes, lawfully present immigrants are eligible to enroll in a qualified health plan, or “Marketplace plan,” through Maryland Health Connection if they are Maryland residents. In addition, lawfully present immigrants can get tax credits to help pay premiums and cost-sharing reductions for health insurance through Maryland Health Connection. They can …

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I am an undocumented immigrant but my household members would like to enroll in coverage. How does my immigration status affect my household’s eligibility?

We know that many immigrant families are of “mixed status,” with members having different immigration and citizenship statuses. Some families may have members who can’t buy health insurance through the Marketplace, alongside other family members who are eligible to use the Marketplace, like lawfully present immigrants. Any information collected through …

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I am an undocumented immigrant but I pay income tax. Can I get coverage?

Sorry, you will not be able to obtain health coverage through Maryland Health Connection. Only Maryland residents who are U.S. citizens or are lawful residents can obtain coverage through Maryland Health Connection. Applicants who do not have proper immigration status may still be eligible for Emergency Medicaid, including labor and …

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Can I still get coverage if I am not a U.S. citizen?

  Yes, people who are living in the United States legally can sign up for coverage through the Maryland Health Connection. The test is whether you are “lawfully present.” You are lawfully present if you fit into one of the following categories: Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR). You are a lawful …

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