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I am self-employed. How can I verify my income?

If you are currently self-employed and are unable to provide other verification of your income, due to reasons such as recently becoming self-employed or a major change in your self-employment income, you can use this affidavit to prove your income status. Once you complete your application through Maryland Health Connection, …

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I’m under 26 and eligible to be covered as a dependent under my mom’s job-based health policy. My mom no longer claims me as a tax dependent. I plan to file my own taxes, though my income isn’t very high. If a subsidized qualified health plan through Maryland Health Connection would be even more affordable to me, can I sign up for that instead?

Yes. Although the general rule is that people are not eligible for subsidies through Maryland Health Connection when they are also eligible for affordable job-based health coverage, there is a special rule for young adults under 26. As long as a young adult under 26 is not claimed as a …

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I estimate my income will be over the Medicaid income limit and I am eligible for a premium tax credit. If, by the end of the year, it turns out my annual income was even lower so I could have enrolled in Medicaid, will I have to pay back the premium subsidy?

No, your final premium credit amount will be determined based on your income for the year as reported on your tax return. The fact that it ended up being lower than 138% of the poverty line (the Medicaid limit for most individuals, except children and pregnant women) does not mean …

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My income is uneven during the year. Some months I earn very little, other months are much better. I think my annual income will be low enough to qualify for subsidies next year, but I’m not sure. What if I’m wrong?

It’s common for income to fluctuate, particularly if you are self-employed, perform seasonal work or have multiple jobs. To achieve the best result for financial assistance, you should report income changes to Maryland Health Connection during the year, as they happen. Reporting income changes as they happen will help ensure …

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