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I have created an account but can't log in. What should I do?

If you have entered your information to create an account but cannot log in, we may still be processing your account creation if there are many people trying to create accounts. Please try these steps: Wait approximately 15 minutes and attempt to login again with the same username and credentials …

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What should I do if my identity cannot be verified?

If you see a message stating we cannot electronically verify your identity, here’s what to do so you can move on with your application: Write down the reference code on the message. Call the Experian service using the phone number in the message. You will be asked a series of …

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Why am I seeing another screen before the online application?

During times of high volume or if data services from our Federal partners are not available, you may be directed into an online "waiting room." As visitors complete their application, you will be allowed to continue with yours or you may try back at another time. Please do not refresh …

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What documents do I need to apply?

When you apply for coverage, you’ll need to provide some information about yourself and each member of your household who is enrolling: Birthdates Social Security Numbers (or document numbers for legal immigrants) Citizenship or immigration status Tax returns for previous years Employer and income info (pay stubs, W-2 forms) Policy …

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