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What is the best way to pay my bill?

You will make payments directly to your insurance company, not to Maryland Health Connection.

You should pay your bill by the first day of the month you have coverage. Your coverage will not start until the insurance company you chose receives your first premium payment in full. Your insurance company may cancel your plan if you are late making payments.

Once your insurance company receives your payment, you will get a member ID card in the mail. You can obtain services once the premium is paid, regardless of whether you have received a member ID card.

Call 855-444-3121
Mail: CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, P.O. Box 79749, Baltimore, MD 21279

Cigna Health and Life Insurance Co.
Call 877-900-1237
Mail: P.O. Box 105551, Atlanta, GA 30348

Evergreen Health
Call 1-855-475-0990

Kaiser Permanente
Call 1-844-524-7370 (English/Español)