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health insurance resources

If you have questions about enrolling in health coverage or are having an issue with your insurance, we’re happy to connect you with answers. Our guide below helps you know where to find assistance with specific questions or issues: Enroll in a health or dental plan, or report household or …

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Update on Coverage through Maryland Health Connection

With everything happening in Washington, D.C., you may have questions about what the latest news means for you and your coverage. We are monitoring any changes closely, and you can count on us to provide you with the facts. We are with you every step of the way and will …

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Medicaid Coverage for Marylanders

Who qualifies for Medicaid? Medicaid and Maryland Children’s Health Program offer free or low-cost health insurance coverage to more Marylanders than ever before. Medicaid now covers more adults, so you may qualify, even if you didn’t in the past. Your children or other members of your household also may qualify …

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Maryland Health Connection Overview

What is Maryland Health Connection? Maryland Health Connection is for all Marylanders who need health insurance. It is Maryland’s official health insurance marketplace where you can shop, compare and enroll in quality health and dental insurance that fits your needs and your budget. What makes coverage through Maryland Health Connection …

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Choosing a Health Plan: Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Substance use disorder treatment is covered by all health plans. However, you will pay more for treatment under some plans than others. It’s important to know you can’t be denied coverage or charged more just because you have a pre-existing condition, including substance use disorder. Consider your costs BEFORE your …

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What’s next on health coverage?

We’ve received many calls and questions from Marylanders asking about the future of their health coverage during the transition in Washington, D.C.: Will I be able to keep my plan? Will my Medicaid coverage go away? Many of those questions have come from Marylanders who have gained health coverage after …

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Health Coverage for Young Adults


Score! There’s money on the table. Health insurance is more affordable than ever. Maryland Health Connection is the only place you can get financial help to lower the cost of coverage. In fact, nine of 10 Marylanders who signed up last year got it! There are free or low-cost options. …

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Calculate Your Household Income

Calculate Your Household Income When you apply through Maryland Health Connection, you’ll enter information about your household and income to see if you can get help paying for health coverage. Last year, nine in 10 people who enrolled through us qualified for financial help. This tool will help you enter …

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Incarceration and Getting Coverage through Maryland Health Connection

Incarceration and Getting Coverage through Maryland Health Connection If you are incarcerated, you do not need to apply for coverage through Maryland Health Connection. Maryland Medicaid covers inpatient hospital treatment for Maryland inmates, and the hospital will help you apply for coverage during the inpatient stay. However, if you recently …

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