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How to Enroll / View Available Plans

How to Enroll / View Available Plans

At Maryland Health Connection, you can compare multiple plans and carriers online and receive a small group eligibility determination.

Get Started

  • First Step – To participate, you must meet the eligibility guidelines for the Maryland SHOP Program. Click here to see if you qualify and to submit an Employer Eligibility Application.

    Gather Information: To complete your application we need to collect some basic business
    information including your business name, employer identification number (EIN), address, phone number, and email address.

  • Second Step – Choose your Issuer(s) and Plans(s). Employers can elect to enroll in one issuer (Employer Choice) or multiple issuers (Employee Choice). Click here to find out about your enrollment options.
  • Third Step – Work with a SHOP authorized insurance broker or directly with a participating issuer to implement your SHOP benefits. Employee Choice groups must work with a SHOP authorized producer to enroll in coverage.
  • Fourth Step – At tax time, file form 8941 (Form 990-T for tax-exempt organizations) to claim any available Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.

Our SHOP insurance companies follow. Click logos for websites and participating doctors.