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health insurance resources

If you have questions about enrolling in health coverage or are having an issue with your insurance, we’re happy to connect you with answers. Our guide below helps you know where to find assistance with specific questions or issues: Enroll in a health or dental plan, or report household or …

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Why we’re thankful this year: #CoverageMatters

“This, ya’ll, is a story of a family that coughs and bleeds, and slips up and falls, but we get up. Covered. We sleep all night. Covered. We work, we school. Covered. We eat, we argue, we love. Covered.” These are the words of Gayle D., a Silver Spring resident …

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The Difference Between an HMO and a BLT

Hi all, more alphabet soup coming your way. This time we’re going to present not only a delicious sandwich recipe, but also help you distinguish the difference between the types of QHPs (Qualified Health Plans). These are health insurance plans offered through Maryland Health Connection. First things first, since we …

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What Burritos and Enchiladas Have to Do with Health Coverage

Enrollment Unscrambled How many of you have Googled the question, “What’s the difference between a burrito and an enchilada?” An enchilada is made with a corn tortilla, whereas a burrito is made with a flour one. Similarly made, yet a touch different. Just like food, sometimes determining the differences between …

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Checkups and immunizations at no extra cost

You want to protect your child at every age. Did you know that immunizations are one of the best ways parents can protect their children from infancy to young adulthood? Plus, by keeping your family covered, checkups and immunizations are no extra cost to you. Tips for Parents Keep Your …

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Equality in Health Coverage for LGBT Marylanders

The Affordable Care Act has made new health insurance coverage options available, and offers protections and benefits for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). Maryland Health Connection offers equal access to quality, affordable health coverage. What you should know about your coverage options: You may be able …

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What benefits do health plans cover?

If you’ve enrolled through Maryland Health Connection, it’s important to know your plan covers these 10 important health benefits below when you need them. Your plan may offer additional benefits. Doctor visits Hospitalization Emergency care Maternity and newborn care Pediatric care, including dental and vision benefits Prescription drugs Laboratory tests …

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Your top five questions, answered

1) Who is part of my "household" when applying for health coverage? When you apply for health coverage through Maryland Health Connection, the “household” on your application generally includes the people you put on your tax form, even if not everyone needs coverage. When filling out your application, include: Yourself …

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