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Will there be a lapse in my Medicaid coverage?

No. As long as you apply through Maryland Health Connection within 45 days of receiving your renewal notice, you should get a new determination and be enrolled in either Medicaid or a Qualified Health Plan prior to a lapse in coverage. However, please note that if you are found eligible …

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Can I change MCOs if I want to?

Medicaid recipients have an annual right to change MCOs. When you are eligible to change MCOs, you will receive an enrollment packet in the mail.

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Will I receive a new Medicaid card?

Continue to use your current Medicaid card. If you have lost your Medicaid card, call the Call Center at 1-855-642-8572 (Deaf and hard of hearing use Relay service) to request a new one.

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I am eligible for Medicaid, MCHP or MCHP Premium, but I have outstanding verifications. What happens next?

If you have outstanding verifications (for example, we need to confirm citizenship or income), in most cases, your enrollment in Medicaid, MCHP or MCHP Premium is pending. You cannot obtain services until you submit your outstanding verifications and they have been approved. Click here to see the types of documents …

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I was found eligible for Medicaid when I applied for benefits using Maryland Health Connection. Do I need to take any additional steps to enroll in coverage?

Completing the Maryland Health Connection application to get an eligibility determination and actually enrolling in coverage is a two-step process: First, you will receive an eligibility determination. Next, you must select a program to enroll in. To actually enroll in coverage online, you must select the checkbox next to the …

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Which Medicaid recipients must renew their benefits using Maryland Health Connection? Can I use SAIL instead?

Individuals who must renew their benefits through Maryland Health Connection are: Children; Adults younger than 65; Parents and caretaker relatives; and Pregnant women. All eligibility groups who are not mentioned above cannot apply using Maryland Health Connection. Applicants for the following programs can apply for benefits using myDHRbenefits.dhr.state.md.us (formerly SAIL) …

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